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    Trigeminal Neuralgia

    The trigeminal nerve is the neuro-pathways between your face and your brain. If you have trigeminal neuralgia, any type of stimulation to your face can result in pain. The pain can range from mild to extreme and may progressively worsen over time. Touching your face in any way from applying makeup to using a toothbrush can result in varying degrees of pain.



    Damage to the trigeminal nerve is often the cause of neuralgia. This can result from pressure being placed on the nerve by a nearby blood vessel or inflammation from a brain lesion or other abnormality. Over time, damage to the covering that surrounds the nerve may cause the pain and discomfort to worsen.


    Pain can range from mild to severe depending on what type of trigger caused the reaction. The duration of the pain can last from a few seconds to several days. This will normally be determined by the amount of damage the nerve has incurred over time. Various triggers, such as talking, smiling, washing your face, or putting on make-up may determine the severity of the symptoms.


    Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment Options

    Treatment options may vary depending on the severity of your condition. Anticonvulsants, antispasmodic agents, and Botox injections are all possible treatment options. If you prefer alternative therapies, acupuncture is often considered to be useful.

    Trigeminal neuralgia has no known cure but doctors have found ways to treat the condition so that the pain and discomfort are more manageable. The right treatment option will allow you to remain comfortable and improve your overall quality of life.

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